Swallow’s Nest Ministries – Southeast Asia

We serve the Lord in Southeast Asia (location undisclosed for security reasons). Our desire is to train, disciple, and raise up local believers to see the beauty and love of Jesus and respond to His beauty and love by drawing near to Him in intimacy and radical selfless love.  

Swallow’s Nest Ministries – Southeast Asia, at the moment, consists of seven different primary ministries:

  1. Gethsemane House of Prayer
    A 24/7 House of Prayer where God is unceasingly adored.  More information…

  2. The Swallow’s Nest Children’s Home
    A safe, Christ-centered, worship and prayer filled home for orphans and at-risk children to be adopted into God’s family.  Currently ten beautiful children are in our care.

  3. B.E.A.R. Training
    Biblical Equipping And Revival Training, a fifteen week long discipleship program for local church leaders focused on prayer, worship, the Word, evangelism, and intimacy with God.  The program also includes two outreaches to rural village areas.  Students can also opt to follow up the training with an intensive 4 – 5 month leadership internship program.

  4. The Swallow’s Nest Shelter / Ministry to the Poor
    Loving the least of these, we believe, includes bringing them into their home and welcoming them into their family.  Currently we have an ex-homeless man and an ex-homeless widow in our care.  We also regularly serve in local slums and other impoverished areas on a weekly basis

  5. Village Outreaches
    On a regular basis, we visit rural village churches to encourage and strengthen the indigenous church.  They also regularly travel to un-evangelized or un-engaged rural areas to share the gospel with those who have yet to hear the Good News and have helped establish a small village church and outreach base with one of our B.E.A.R. Training graduates with hopes to reach even further regions and help empower locals in establishing small house churches in even further areas.

  6. Babu’s Bum
    A small local business ministry, that empowers local women by employing them in making reusable eco-friendly cloth diapers.  This not only provides crucial employment opportunities but, also provides a cost-effective healthy solution for babies and mothers who are unable to afford diapers.  Future expansions for the company include specifically making jobs available for at-risk women and opening a Christian day care in partnership with Babu’s Bum for employee’s children.

  7. Relief Aid
    We have regularly been providing relief aid in response to natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic.  Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, this has become a major element of our ministry.

Swallow’s Nest Ministries – Southeast Asia holds eight core values as foundational in fulfilling the Great Commission and foundational in our obedience to the greatest commandment to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  The eight core values are composed of four core spiritual disciplines and four core spiritual fruit.  They are biblically-based and non-negotiable.  You can download a copy of our core values here: Eight Core Values

From the place of prayer and worship, the we have learned take the story of the Good Samaritan literally and, in obedience to Jesus command’s to “Go and do likewise,“ they have chosen to live a lifestyle of total abandonment to love the poor, the weak, and the least of these.  For us, this looks like bandaging the physically and emotionally wounded, meeting them on the road with Jesus, taking them to the hospital and paying for all their expenses, picking out lice from street people’s hair, and doing whatever else it takes to show every single person God’s unfailing love, including even sometimes welcoming them into their own home to be a part of Father God’s family.  Ultimately, however, our hope and desire is not to only show the love of Jesus to those they encounter or to build a big ministry but, to have a deeper personal revelation for themselves daily of the cross, what it means to become more like their Beloved Savior, and to be radically close to Him, sitting at His feet and loving Him with their everything.


If you’d like to financially support the work we are doing then please use the following methods.  For Canadian donors, do not use any of the following methods, scroll down for more details on how to appropriately donate.

1.) Credit

2.) Check

Mail a check made payable to SWALLOW’S NEST MINISTRIES INC. to the address:

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3.) QuickPay / Zelle

Chase QuickPay or Zelle to swallowsnestministries@gmail.com
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4.) Venmo / Square Cash / PayPal

If you would prefer to utilize Venmo, Square Cash, or PayPal.  Please send your donation to: Jessica Lin (Treasurer and Secretary of Swallow’s Nest Ministries).
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Jessica Lin
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Jessica will deposit your transfer to Swallows Nest Ministries on your behalf, filing your donation to your name reflected on your tax-deductible receipt, and sending you a confirmation of deposit.

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5.) For Canadian Donors

Please direct your donations to our account at Abba’s Home here: Abba’s Home
Abba’s Home is operated by trusted family and friends and was founded by Alex and Rachel Kariuki who serve the Lord in Madagascar.

For other non-American donors, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that any of the above methods will be able to provide a tax-deductible donation receipt that will be accepted in your country.  We recommend utilizing the first four methods as they seem to be the most widely accepted.